Frederick The Younger

As Henri Matisse said : "Creativity takes courage". Here's some words of wisdom from the ones who take this path. 



How did the band began ? 

Jenni : I moved to Louisville in 2011 and met Aaron Cracker (guitarist). I joined his band Dr Vitamin. Even though Dr Vitamin disbanded in 2013, Aaron and I never stopped working together. We spent a year writing new material and started Frederick the Younger in 2014. But it wasn't until Matt, John and Dave joined the band that we started to find our sound.

Frederick the younger is quite an original name. How do find it ?

I was reading a biography of Frederick the Great at the time and just threw out "Frederick the younger" to Aaron. I added "younger" because Frederick the Great's younger life interested me a lot.

Do you feel more creative when you're together ?

Yes, definitely. Aaron and I wrote our best work together, especially as times goes on. We understand each other musically better than we ever have. And our sound continues to evolve with John, Matt and Dave. They take the music to the next level . I feel like our best songs are yet to come.  

When you're all disagree, who is the most diplomatic ?

Well, Aaron and I are dating and we live together so we've become very good at quickly sorting our differences. We don't want anything to take away from the momentum of the band. We both are pretty easy going to thankfully we haven't have any major conflicts. 

You guys are based in Louisville. Tell us about the  music scene there.

It's great ! Louisville is definitely becoming a hot spot for music in the Midwest. There have been some amazing bands to come out of Louisville in the last couple years and they are all unique. Houndmouth, Twin Limb and Wax Fang just to name a few. The interesting thing about Louisville is there is no one particular sound. 


Could you describe your mindset when you recorded this LP ?

Going into this LP, we really focused on creating interesting textures and layers. We spent a few months just finding cool parts. We wanted the overall sound of this record to be bigger than the EP. 

How do you write a song ?

I usually start with a melody and chord progression. Then, I bring it to the band and everyone fleshes it out. Right now, we are recording demos for our next record. It's my favorite part of the process. You get a creative high coming up with new songs ideas and seeing how they take shape with the band. Sometimes, the songs go in unexpected directions. It's very exciting. 

What's your best memory in the studio ?

Recording "Horoscope" because that song was a late edition. It was exciting to see how quickly it took shape.

You describe your music as "sunshine rock". What is it ?

We struggle with how to describe our music because it's eclectic. Sometimes, we say "retro indie rock" too. A lot of the songs on this LP are upbeat and our live show in particular is very high energy so we thought the idea of "sunshine" encapsulated that. 

Your LP sounds like it was recorded in the 60's. Is that something you looking record ?

Yes, definitely. Our producer Kevin Ratterman records to tape. We really wanted a raw, vintage sound. 

Could you tell me more about this beautiful cover ?

Aaron took the photo when he was a photography student in college. We wanted an image that had a retro vibe. It's a strong woman but she's also playing, dress up like a kid, which fits the title "Human Child".


If you can be teleport in another era, which one would it be ? Why ?

I bet you can guess - the 60's ! I would love to be a part of the explosive creativity and change that was happening. The decade was such a paradigm shift in global consciousness. And it would be very special to be a part of that era's music scene. I can't imagine what it was like to hear The Beatles for the first time...

Any plans to come and play in Paris ?

We would absolutely love to. We don't have anything yet on the books as of right now but I hope we can soon !


Thanks a lot Jenny for this discussion. We really appreciate. Can't wait to hear your new songs and see you live in Paris ! 
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