"Paper Boy" by Dama Scout

Artists we're fond of introduce their new single.


Is Paper boy real ? Or is it an image you created ?

Our "Paper boy" is both. On the one hand, he is an imaginary lost 2-dimensional character made of papyrus. On the other hand, he is a very real 3-dimensional guy we know.


What do you remember from recording this song ?

We recorded most of it in a wooden cupboard using a giant "Totoro" and duvets to dampen the reflective surfaces. We only recorded one guitar for the song through a little amp on the quietest volume so as not to disturb neighbours. 
We went to Edinburgh for Danny to record the drums with our good pal, Craig. After doing the drums, we hung out in Bo'ness and watched the Muscle Shoals documentary.


We can hear some elements of 90's pop in "Paper boy" : the great line bass reminds us Breeders' Cannonball while the wall of guitars at the end reminds us shoegaze bands. Are you influenced by this era ? 

Quite a few folks have mentionned hearing 90's elements in our music - however, we have never intentionally incorporated them. Whenever we write, we don't reference other artists' works. However, we did grow up throughout a bit of the 90's, so that may explain why that sound has crept in. Furthermore, the 90's seems to be the last decade where guitar bands could be commercially successful whilst still being truly lo-fi and experimental.  


The last part of the song feels like we're floating in the air... If "Paper Boy" was a drug, what would it be ?

Maybe something immersive... so probably a hallucinogen. Can Calpol make you trip ?


It's a good question ! So, this is the third song that you released : can we expect an LP soon ?

We are constantly writing and have an EP ready to go out into the world soon. This summer, we'll be collecting song for our debut LP...


Dear Dama Scout, thanks a lot for your answers ! We're impatient to hear your new stuff. 
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