Ela Minus


What's your definition of creativity ?

Well, I think something is creative when I see or hear something and I can't explain anything about it with words or understand how it was made, when it leaves me speechless. And it makes me tingle in my belly and I want to run and make something new inspired by it.
Also, I think true creativity is completely free. Sometimes, maybe even I would put them in the same box : creativity & freedom. Creativity brings freedom and freedom brings creativity. 


Do you feel more creative in the daytime or nightime ?



Could you describe your mindset when you recorded this EP ? 

Peacefully lonely. 


You are colombian. Do you feel inspired by this ?

Yes, very much. Although, right now what mostly inspires me is how much I miss being there.


Could tell us more about your songwriting process ?

I don't have a specific method for writing. Chance has a lot to do with my process, and games. I just start playing for the fun of it and when I like something, I develop it mindlessly and just keep recording, and just record melodies that usually come with words and phrases, and just develop that for lyrics. When I get bored or I run out of things to do, I stop and usually send it to a friend.
I try to commit to the initial impulses, taking care of the intuition that made me make certain decisions in the moment I improvise.     


We saw on a photo of your gear : "Bright music for dark  times". Do you think that the ultimate goal of music is to make us forget about our problems ?

No, it is definitely not about forgetting. The complete opposite. It goes a little deeper.
First of all, I don't think music has a specific goal, at least not my music. I think each work of art carries an intention within it, the intention of whoever created it, it can be a conscious intention or an subsconcious one, but it is definitely embedded deep in the art, in this case in the music. And I think that intention is what the music goes out into the world and spreads. So, with my EP "Adapt", my intention was to bring light. Light into the world.
The "bright music for darker times" is trying to bring positive vibes into the world but at the same time, acknowledging that we are living in terribly dark times. There is no room for silence anymore, nor for only positivity, we are deep in this mess together and the first step to get out of it is to be aware and talk about it, and complain, and curse, and scream and then, we climb out, following the light.     


How do you deal with difficult moments and discouragment ? 

Being present. 


If you can be teleport in another era, which one would it be ? Why ?

Any era without cellphones, maybe 1920's or 30's. I like how elegant everything was back then. 


What are the 3 best records to begin with electronic music ?

Nicolas Jaar
Space is only noise

Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith

Mount Kimbie
Crooks & lovers


Thanks a lot Ela for your answers ! Keep on with your bright music, we all need this. 
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