pink $ock

by Brandy Eve Allen

photo by Brandy Eve Allen

photo by Brandy Eve Allen


Pink $ock’s a guy I met two years ago in the backyard of a bunny sanctuary in Venice, California.  When I looked into his heterochromatic eyes and heard that falsetto, I knew this boy’s got soul.  We’ve been friends and collaborators ever since.  He sat down with me to talk about everything but his latest album, 14th and Pico, because somethings aren’t meant to be spoken about, only heard.


Where does all this inspiration come from?

A healthy vegan diet and a hunger for love.

Where is $ock when he’s not serenading all the lovers in town?

I’m at the $ock Mansion located at the corner of Santa Monica and where dreams comes true.

What drink would you make me if I came over to your place?

Vodka Cran.

With a twist?


If we were going to soundtrack a date night, what would be pre-coital, during and post?

Anything For YouDrunk Sex and then Pink Sock, you’ll have to listen to find out what all that means.

What’s your favorite Marvin Gaye song?

That’s so hard cause I love his songs so deeply and in so many ways, but I think I know what it is : “Is That Enough”.

What’s your philosophy on playing shows?

Grinding over moshing, dancing over sitting, loving over hating, it’s pretty groovy dude.  I’m like your wing-man.  

Can Cowboys be Feminists?

If they wanna stay relevant.

photo by Brandy Eve Allen

photo by Brandy Eve Allen

What’s daytime attire vs nighttime attire look like for the $ock?

Daytime: short shorts, nighttime: no shorts.

Should we legalize it?

Obviously… with a twist. (He winks at me)

What can we expect from $ock in the future?

The Pink $ock trilogy began with Urgent Matter, a naive romance that became something steamy, however, every broken heart needs mending, that’s where Single comes in, my next LP.  It’s gonna make your booty shake, but then you’ll be listening to 14th and Pico on the way home, get that steam going again… when we’re driving together with our Prius sunroof open feeling the wind blowing through our hair. (Winks at me again)

photo by Brandy Eve Allen

photo by Brandy Eve Allen

Be sure to get 14th and Pico, you can download a copy HERE

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